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Per Diem Attorney Solutions

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What Can A Per Diem Attorney Do For You?

Coming from a small firm background, I appreciate the challenges of attending every court appearance while also maintaining client communication and drafting legal papers in a timely manner.
Whether you are a small firm with limited resources, or a firm that cannot afford to have an attorney commute long distances for every court appearance, having a per diem attorney appear on your behalf can save you time, money, and frustration. I take those court appearances off your to-do list so you can focus on other, more pressing matters.

Confidence In Representation

With nearly 14 years of litigation experience, I will represent you and your client(s) as fervently as if the case were my own. I request a phone conference with you prior to the conference. We can discuss everything you would like to achieve in the hearing as well as any ongoing issues that may arise and how you would like me to handle them. If I am aware of all potential problems or discussions, I will be able to represent you, your firm, and your client(s) in the best capacity.

Court Conferences

Practicing in a small Mid-town NYC firm, I very quickly learned the court conference game of "hurry up and wait," especially if opposing counsel is running late. A simple scheduling conference can take two hours of your important time.  
I'll do the leg work of waiting and negotiating with the court and opposing counsel.

Motion Hearings

As a seasoned litigator, I have argued a variety of motions in open court (motion to vacate default judgment, summary judgment, discovery motions, etc) and have a great success rate. I will provide zealous representation of your case and your client.

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